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I installed the autoresponder and I'm very happy with it.

Although I have a problem

1) When a new optin user signs up from an external lead page a blank email is sent to them after the confirmation validation. I do have the welcome message turned off.

Any help with this is appreciated.

Here is my page if you want to test it out


Thanks, Ken
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Re: [ken707] Problems In reply to
I have a new problem. I tried to upload a 560 kb wav file as an attachment and it wont upload. It states "cannot write to file'

I have the options set "yes" attachments and sive is the same 1000 kb.

ANy suggestions?
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Re: [ken707] Problems In reply to
Okay, I found the answer to this in the forum but it must be a bug because the same thing happened to me.

There was no tmp folder in the data folder
I added a tmp directory in the data directory and it worked.