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question about DBMan flat file DB ..

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question about DBMan flat file DB ..
Hi there, A few questions on this software if you could humor me :) 1- does the tool allow you to query a raw, pipe-delimited, multi-field, flat text file and perform SQL operations against it, or does it require you to 'load' the flat file into some DBMan database 2- how is this different than what Perl offers here: http://search.cpan.org/~jzucker/DBD-CSV-0.22/lib/DBD/CSV.pm Thank you !
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Re: [klaus_gruen] question about DBMan flat file DB .. In reply to
Just read more info here:
This also explains, how you can define your database structure. It means you can likely use your old database. No need to import.

You are lucky, as I also know DBD::CSV. It's a very cool and flexible module, which is easy to use, altough you need some programming.

Use DBMan flatfile, if you don't want programming yourself, and use DBD::CSV if you have some special needs, which would need programming.
Both DBMan and DBD::CSV gives you the possibility to upgrade to SQL version.

So it's up to you, which one you choose...

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