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Will DBMan SQL work?

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Will DBMan SQL work?
I have used DBMAN successfully in the past, but never used the SQL version. I am pretty familiar (familiar enough LOL) with SQL to be able to set it up and use it, however most of the information I am seeing is for the flat file DBMan.
I am looking at setting up a new store and linking DBMAN SQL to a shopping cart as I dont like the full template driven shopping carts that are out there....they just dont allow me enough room to move as much as I would like with my design and functionality.
So, I guess I need DBMAN SQL to be setup as a relational database as one half will be for products and the other half will be for customers. Is this possible just as it is in DBMAN flat file? Can the two databases be linked together to manage a nice storefront while using a shopping cart for the backend? Is everything else the same as flat file DBMan or are there any other major changes?

P.S. Just so you are aware, I have looked at other options such as the ORDERnary shopping cart and mods, but they arent what Im looking for.