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User Authentication / Restrictions

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User Authentication / Restrictions
I'm working on a simple Sales Leads Contact database and am wondering if I can accomplish the following with DBMan SQL.

a) There are a couple of users in the company, all of whom will be entering new Sales Leads into the database. Users need to be able to add / edit / delete each others records.
b) One of the fields in the primary table containing contact info is "SalesRepID," which will be joined to another table (SalesRep) for look-up purposes. A sales rep is manually assigned (linked) to a record when it is entered.

So far, easy enough. However, they would like their Sales Reps to be able to login to the system, but ONLY see records that have been assigned to them. Can I accomplish this? If so, how would I create this kind of restriction? And where would I store the SalesRep login details? In the standard Users table, or by using extra fields in the SalesRep table I'm creating for lookup purposes?

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Re: [RickG] User Authentication / Restrictions In reply to

a) Yes, you can give a user the permission to access a table, so they will be able to add/modify/delete each other records.

b) Unfortunately, the custom job is needed to accomplish those features which aren't so easy to handle. Please feel free contact us for more information.