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Is this possible with DBMan SQL

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Is this possible with DBMan SQL
I am a present user of Links SQL.

I'm looking to place thousands of actual books online in the form of a library. I would like to automate the task and enable easier change to the look of the books through a template system similar to what DBMan SQL offers.

What I appear to be unsure of is if DBMan can handle the functions neccessary for a book to be "online." For instance, does it allow the insertion of images so that it appears in different places in a record? Perhaps just allowing html input into the database would work.

My other immediate concern is the effect of "paging" through a book. DBMan allows the setup of a single database to be "paged" by letting a user advance to the next or previous database entry. With my setup though, I would want this only to occur within a single book. So when a book ends on page 150 I don't want the user to advance to page 1 of the next book by simply pressing "next." Is such a setup possible with DBMan SQL without having to use separate databases for each book?

Hopefully I've made myself clear...

Dennis Partridge

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Re: [perdrix] Is this possible with DBMan SQL In reply to
I'm just starting to get a handle on everything DBManSQL can do, but my instinct is that this isn't possible/easy with the current version, but probably will be with the soon-to-be-released relational version. Hopefully TheStone or someone will correct me if I'm wrong...

But I could see accomplishing this with two tables, one for pages, which contained the html content to display the page, and another for books. If the pages table keeps track of the book the page belongs to, the page content, and the page number, and the books table keeps track of book information (author, title, etc.) as well as the number of pages in the book, then you should be able to accomplish what you're talking about.

Again, though, this is just a guess, as it's dependent on what kind of relational support is provided with the new release. In the meantime, you MIGHT be able to accomplish your needs with some fancy globals, although I really wouldn't have a clue how to do so personally.

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Re: [perdrix] Is this possible with DBMan SQL In reply to

It sounds like you'll want our relational version. You could then setup a books table, and a pages table, where a page is realted to a book. We plan to put this up very soon once we finish up the new manual.


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Re: [Alex] Is this possible with DBMan SQL In reply to
Thanks Alex , Dennis