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One of the main reasons I purchased my copy DBman after evaluating it was-- aside from strong code from Alex & co.-- a robust user community with many available mods to work with, adapt, and/or rewrite.

As I contemplate movign to SQL, I notice there are no mods/plugins listed under the Script Resrouces section. Is there another place that these exist or are they generally not shared?

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oldmoney: May 21, 2002, 4:50 PM
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Re: [oldmoney] Plugins? In reply to

The community is not nearly as large, and currently their is only one plugin available: XMLResults (display the results of your search in XML).

That said, we are still working on DBMan SQL, and the community is growing. We will be releasing a new version that will introduce relationships and a query builder into DBMan SQL, something that should draw a lot of people to it. =)


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