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Organization asking me to make intricate site...

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Organization asking me to make intricate site...
Now, this site will be largely run on databases. What I need to know, is can DBman SQL accomplish the following things...

This site is for a church youth group, and they keep score based on competitions, if you bring your Bible, if you bring a friend, and if you memorize your verse. There are 4 teams, and each teen is on a team. I need to be able to have a database for each event (there is probably one on 32 of the 52 weeks in a year) for each person. When Person A walks in, someone needs to be able to say that Person A was there, brought their Bible, and memorized their verse. When they do this, this needs to update the points standings for the team Person A is on, update Person A's information, and update the event's information. All of those, though, are seperate databases, only to be viewed seperately, but they all need to be updated with just the one data entrance. If that is well enough explained to answer, can DBman SQL do this?

I need an easy way for people unexperienced with ANY sort of programming to be able to update an events calender, an announcements section, and an updates section. Can the inexperienced person just type the information into a database's fields and have the information automatically sent to the actual script for the page?

I think those are the main things I need to accomplish with something like this. I can work regular DBman pretty well, and I'm not sure that it can do the first thing, although I'm 99.9% sure I know how to do the second. I just want to know if I should suggest DBman SQL to the youth pastor, even though it's $250 more. Thanks for any help. And a quick reply would be GREATLY appreciated!
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Re: [Reyhan] Organization asking me to make intricate site... In reply to

Thanks for posting.

DBMan SQL could be configured to handle this project, but perhaps what might be better is a custom script designed just to do this alone.

I would like to ask for a phone call to go through this in more detail, please either PM me your phone number or call me at the office, at (604) 687-5804.