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One or Two Crucial Questions

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One or Two Crucial Questions
Hi All,

I am currently working on a new project and being a fan of DBMAN am considering the use of DBMAN SQL. I just have a few questions regarding the differences between the two.

I understand that SQL has a template system in preference to the html.pl file which was a headache to edit sometimes. Is this fully customizable i.e can be slotted into the existing site which is maybe going to be PHP powered.

Secondly with regards relational DBASES can I have 3 or 4 running at a time sharing information i.e User Database, Users_Diary, Users_Photos etc etc .

Thirdly this may sound a little strange but I would like to be able to allow each primary user(Client) to be able to allocate logins and passwords to their friends/relatives etc to allow them to view the information that the primary user has posted. A bit like a journal I suppose.

I dont mean to sound vague this is in the early stages and I like to stick with what I know and hope DBMAN SQL is hot as DBMAN is.


James Morris

p.s Any DBMAN SQL Sites out there useing multi-relational databases ?
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Re: [jamesamorris] One or Two Crucial Questions In reply to

Yes, the template system is fully customizable and it works just like our other products (Gossamer Forum, Gossamer Mail and Links SQL).

Yes, you can have multiple databases running at the same time. See our demo page for an example of three different types of databases running off of the same installation.

Yes, you can give a user admin privs to a table, and that will let them assign users that can login to that table, while not letting them get access to the actual admin area.

Hope that helps,

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