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DBMan SQL - Looking for secondhand licence

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DBMan SQL - Looking for secondhand licence
Hi there,

1) I'm not entirely sure if DBMan SQL will achieve what I need for a new project, so am unwilling to fork out for a new license.
If anyone has a license that they nolonger need can they PM me? I can make small contribution.

2) I use Community to authenticate my users, and this is what's pushing me towards DBMan SQL. Does anyone have any news if DBMan SQL is still being actively developed, or is it affectively dead in the water now? I don't want to spend days customising something that isn't going anywhere.

3) Any alternatives (possibly non GT) that will allow me to serve up questionaires and results from MySQL including form add / modify etc? I've been looking at smarty template system, but unsure how to integrate authentication with Community.

Any help much appreciated,

Not holding my breath,

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