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Customizing Questions

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Customizing Questions
I have been using LinksSQL for several sites and I am very familiar with its operation, setup and customization. I am working on a new site for a union (dispatching jobs) and considering DBMan SQL. This site would involve posting jobs and having members respond to the listings.
I have a few questions about DBMan SQL. Here are my concerns and would like to know if DBMan SQL could handle them.

Five (5) levels of password access, Admin (full), Dispatch (view, add, modify, delete entries), Office (view, add, modify, delete users), Employers (view, add, modify entries), Members (view, respond)

Have new entries held for approval before being listed.

The ability for listings to be replied to, (back to dispatch)

These seem like pretty simple requirements, but I want to be sure before purchasing
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Re: [jgkiefer] Customizing Questions In reply to

Unfortunately all of those would require some customization:

1. Access levels: DBMan SQL supports configurable access levels. However, only admin's can add/delete users, you can't currently give that right to anyone. Also, there is no access level for "respond".

2. There is no validation layer in DBMan SQL. This would have to be custom done.

3. There is no email interface in DBMan SQL.

The program is quite similiar to Links SQL, and if you are familiar with globals and templates, then a lot of your work can be done there (like the email replies).

Hope that helps,

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