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Can I do this

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Can I do this
I have a client that wants a database setup and was wondering if your program could do the following.

He has 6+ stores so needs to be able for those and others to have access to the DB at the same time.

Check cashing customers have a service card - cashiers at the stores need to be able to sign up new customers with card number, company, address, phone, email, etc.

If a customer has already signed up, when they cash a check the cashier needs to be able to pull up their record and record a visit.

Admin needs to be able to put in customers who have written a bad check, so when the cashier pulls up the number they'll know not to take another check.

Admin also needs to be able to sort the customers so that those with x number of visits during a certain period will be sorted out and address labels printed so he can mail them coupons, gift certificates etc.

Can you import data from a current database, if so what programs, file extensions etc. do they need to be.

Thanks much,