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table names!!!

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table names!!!
hi i'd been testing Dbman (flatfile) and now purchased SQL version.i'm not a perl a man, know very little about MySql but trying to learn more.I've replaced field names in the db.dfg which comes with distribution with mines and have an error:

Error Message : Unable to clear session info. Reason: Table 'db26017c.Items_session' doesn't exist. Query:
DELETE FROM Items_session
WHERE create_time < 975252501

my questions are:

1) What is that ???

2) In original db.cfg table names are
$db_table = 'Items'
$db_table_log = 'Items_log'
$db_table_session = 'Items_session'
$db_table_user = 'Items_users'
can i use any name i like, as 'books' 'books_log' etc. or have names to remain same?

3) i don't get any README file of DBManSQL. is there any, because i do need it!


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Re: table names!!! In reply to
Hi...send a request for assistance to Alex or his team of programmers..they will be able to provide you with
all the help you need.....maybe if they get enough requests, they will put together a decent README File to help deal with these types of concerns....they have been very helpful to myself....thanks Rob

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Re: table names!!! In reply to
Have you used mysqlman? Try to use it and see whether the table Items_session exists.

best regards

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Re: table names!!! In reply to
right i've installed Mysqlman (sure had some problems but now it works fine), i've reached my database and got "There are no Tables in the Database". then i went to nph-setup.cgi and got

DBMan SQL Setup
Let's check your setup and create the neccessary tables.

loading your db.cfg file ...

For some reason nph-setup.cgi couldn't create my tables.

Thank you for your interest.

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Re: table names!!! In reply to
Try to use db.cfg and db.pl for your file names.
If you wish to use other names instead, then change the name also in nph-setup. try to search db.cfg on nph-setup and then replace them with the one that you want to use.

Other tricks:
set your %db_def on cfg file to:
set not_null to '0'
set field_type to 'TEXT'

if you still can't create a table, then just do it with myssqlman, but it is time consuming though.

good luck

one more thing, use the original db.cfg instead of the flat text version because there is one more field on db_def.

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Re: table names!!! In reply to
i begin to create my tables by using Mysqlman as in the original database but i had a problem on table 'description_ndx'. I've posted it separately.

this is where you can find