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small db.cgi MOD

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small db.cgi MOD
I have successfully added a few fields to the user table of my database through the HTML and the db.cgi, however, I can't quite get the date to pass through. I've tried numerous variations in the sub signup():

my $dbh = DBI->connect (@db_connect) or &cgierr ("Connection Error. Reason: " . $DBI::errstr . "\n.");
my $username_q = $dbh->quote($in{'userid'});
my $password_q = $dbh->quote($in{'pw'});
my $firstname_q = $dbh->quote($in{'firstname'});
my $lastname_q = $dbh->quote($in{'lastname'});
my $country_q = $dbh->quote($in{'country'});
my $date_q =&get_date;

This was my latest one....any ideas? I have the field in the table and I have it defined as a date. The $date_q is what the SQL passes to the table in the INSERT line.