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related table custom input form

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related table custom input form

I have my main table (customers) then I have related a table to it (Purchase Orders). I have customized both the data input and output templates for "customers" and everything works fine. I have customized the data output template for "purchase orders" which works fine. The problem I am having is on the data input template for "purchase orders". I have created a custom template for input on "purchase orders" using the same type of coding that I used on the "customers" input. But, when I load the page to input data on the "purchase orders", my tags are not recognised i.e. "Unknown Tag: 'ClientID'". This leads me to believe that I a either missing something or the input tags for a related table are different than the main table. When I try to post my data, I get: ARRAY(0x822ab38): Error

Invalid database ARRAY(0x822ab38) requested (Def file does not exist)

error message. But when I use the "default" template, everything works fine.

Please help.
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