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moving to a new server

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moving to a new server

I need to move two gossamer programs to new servers.

I've successfully moved a forum - I found Alex's post very helpful.


Please could I have similar instructions for moving a dbman-sql 2 program.

I'm guessing the sequence should be:

1) install dbman sql on new server
2) copy across database
3) resynch program with database
4) copy across templates, and other customised files - it would be useful to have a list of where these are.

.. anything else ... ?

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Re: [timbo] moving to a new server In reply to
OK, I managed it, so here's what I did:

1. copied across database (I used export routine in phpMyAdmin).
2. installed dbman sql 2 on new server; (program working, but I can't see any of my tables)
3. At this point I tried the resynch option in setup .. SQL server, but this didn't help.
4. copied my def files from admin/defs to new server
5. re-copied table Dbsql - after this I can see my tables.
6. look at configData.pm in cgi-bin\admin\Dbsql.
Some of these settings are server specific, but others control how dbman sql works with this database. I copied across the following settings from the old server : 'default_tpl' , 'default_table', 'default_user_table'.
7. Copied my templates across from \cgi-bin\admin\templates.

At this point almost everything works ok.

8. Uploaded updated version of file.pm to fix file upload problem.
this is in
Search for this updated file on this forum.

same for admin.pm

9. (because I had some custom code here:)

uploaded HTML.pm from cgi-bin\admin\Dbsql\Relation (some custom code here) and uploaded home.pm and HTML.pm from cgi-bin\admin\Dbsql.


I hope this helps others.
Tim Ault
Oxford UK