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group permissions in DBMan 2.1.0?

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group permissions in DBMan 2.1.0?
Greetings to the team of Gossamer Threads!

here is what my DBMan 2.1.0 server is dreaming of:
- having user levels by creating groups with different permissions
- higher level users could validate/modify/delete records of lower level users
- higher level users could have the right to give permissions to newly signed up users
- last but not least: the admin could change group permissions via admin panel

I know that this is not a small feature add-on and that coding might take a lot of time. But it would be really great if GT translated this dream to Perl language Wink

Thank you for thinking about this and all the best
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Re: [olivers] group permissions in DBMan 2.1.0? In reply to
Hello again,

I've noticed that there is a better description about what I need in the following thread:


Sorry that I've opened another thread for this one Blush