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error when using new template include

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error when using new template include
We are using an alternative to the <%DbSql::HTML::generate_search_results%> include in the admin>templates>search_results.html, so that we can create several templates that are dependant on the type of user. We substituted <%include record_search_results.html%> (where the html page included is one of 8 custom search results pages) for the above line of code.

However, we are getting an error on the page. It loads and functions, but has a 'Caution, Error on Page' message in the status bar. When I take the <%include record_search_results.html%> out of the search_results.html, that page loads with no errors. When I send the record_search_results.html up and load it, it loads with no errors. So, it seems somewhere in the actual include of the file, the error is occurring. But I cannot find it anywhere.

Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated!

If you want to see the actual pages, here are links:

Output with errors:






To access them you will need to enter User: JDA, Password: assoc (both case sensitive.

Thanks for the help.


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