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display probs in dbsql 2

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display probs in dbsql 2

I upgraded my dbman sql 1.x databases to v. 2 (final), everything worked fine, but I encounter one big problem with displaying search results in dbsql2 (it appears to happen rather in the user module than in the admin module):

The page that displays search results is incomplete, the html code just stops after the top links. I see the number of records found, the links to the results pages, but NO results, no bottom navigation, etc.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: [kitten] display probs in dbsql 2 In reply to
Have you been using default template?

Let take a look at search_results.html file, and make sure the scripts still there:
<%loop results%>

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Re: [TheStone] display probs in dbsql 2 In reply to
Yes, everything needed is still in the templates, I didn't change them (yet). I just checked again.

Sometimes, it works flawlessly, sometimes it doesn't. Could it have something to do with server behavior? If the script uses too much processor time or RAM, my provider might kill it.

These are my limits: 4 MB RAM, 10 CPU seconds, 5 processes. Anybody knows if this might be the problem?


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kitten: Oct 13, 2001, 10:11 AM