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default delimiter

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default delimiter
Could someone indicate please where (in which file and how...) I can change the default delimiter when importing data into a table?
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Re: [charly] default delimiter In reply to
Gee-wiz, this forum is really getting some attention by the folks at GT !!
Simple question cann't get even a gist of an answer. (And yes, support also got the question direct!)
Meanwhile I continue my tortuous cut and pastes each time I do an import. Ah, guess I'll have to peruse all the program files with a toothcomb to find the answer - unless I die first !
Come on guys !
Charly - a bit cheesed off!Unsure
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Re: [charly] default delimiter In reply to
Here's the answer to the problem, kindly provided by TheStone at GT.

Go to the file Admin.pm which is in the
Admin/GT/SQL/ directory,
and do a search for:
<input type=text name="import-delim" value="|" size=1>
Here you can change the default value.
This has considerably speeded up my frequent importing.