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dbman sql 2 - problems with def tables

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dbman sql 2 - problems with def tables
I thought it might be helpful to mention a few problems I have come across with dbman sql 2 over the last few weeks. I wonder if others have also had these problems, or whether they are unique to my installation.

1) Tables .. properties .. edit xxx column definition.

On the whole these screens work extremely well. When trying to change any column properties for a column which is the primary key or part of the primary key, I get an error message : "This table already has a primary key." The only solution I have found has been to edit the def file for the table.

2) DEF files : primary keys not updated correctly after changing table structure.

The resynch database routine works extremely well on the whole and picks up any changes in the underlying table structure. However it doesn't always pick up changes in key fields. After deleting or renaming a key field, I have sometimes found that I am unable to add records to the table, and that dbman sql thinks a required field is missing. Again the solution was to edit the def file for the table - I found that the now non-existent primary key was still listed there. After editing the def file and removing the pk entry, everything worked fine.

I hope this is helpful.
Tim Ault
Oxford UK