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custom template questions

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custom template questions

I am trying to create a custom add form.

I have 3 questons

1) I am trying to create a select field that pulls it's data from another table. The relationship is already setup
Basically the data it needs have to be formatted as :

<option value=id>Position</option>
which ID and position coming from a table called 'intpositions'

When I use the auto-generate feature, this selection box is created correctly.

2) On my auto generated form, I have a FILE filed called 'resume' -- how can I add this into my custom page?

3) Is the syntax of how I created the text fields correct below?
Last Name <input type=text name=<%lastname%>>

Thank you for your help
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Re: [afail77] custom template questions In reply to
my questions have been answered, disregard