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count the content length

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count the content length
I am looking for a subroutine or template global to count the content length and add within the same record in a content_length column.

Is there anything I can do with Add_Success & Modify_Success templates to add the content length in another column (content_length) within the same record?

Thanks for any input.

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Re: [samsara] count the content length In reply to
You could do it with a pre add_record plugin.
Set the plugin up so it grabs the content length that you want before it actually adds the record.
E.g Form submission - Grab Content Length - Add Record
Are you only interested in the content_lenght of one field?
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Re: [jai] count the content length In reply to
No, I have to get the content length for all fields, simply I want to count every keystroke input by user.

I am totally a novice user of DBMan SQL, can you direct me as what to do where & what to add as plugin.


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