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change table error using Postgres

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change table error using Postgres

When I want to change anything to a table definition (like the regexp) of a table with an auto increment column, I get the following error (a little bit formatted to make it more readable):
Failed to execute query: ';
LOCK TABLE aff_partners;
CREATE TABLE GTTemp18858279 (
id int NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY DEFAULT 'nextval("aff_partners_id_seq"::text)',
staff_id int ,fullname varchar(255) NOT NULL ,
username varchar(100) NOT NULL ,
password varchar(255) NOT NULL );
INSERT INTO GTTemp18858279 (
id,staff_id,fullname,username,password ) SELECT
id,staff_id,fullname,username,password FROM aff_partners;
DROP TABLE aff_partners;
ALTER TABLE GTTemp18858279 RENAME TO aff_partners;
Reason: ERROR: pg_atoi: error in
"nextval("aff_partners_id_seq"::text)": can't parse

Can this be fixed?

Thanks, Jasper

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Re: [jaspercram] change table error using Postgres In reply to
GT, Can this be acknowledged, denied and/or fixed (I would guess this makes DBMan SQL unusable for Postgres users without SQL and/or programming experience)?

Thanks, Jasper