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can not make relation with hidden fields

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can not make relation with hidden fields

If I create a new relation in the admin section, at some point it asks me to select a foreign key from a list of columns from the 'related table'. For some reason, this list does not show columns that have formdisplay set to HIDDEN.

Do you have any idea why this is? For me, it is very common to make the foreign key hidden in cases where the primary table is a very long list (more then 1000 entries):
Lets say we have a db with 5000 authors and 10000 books. When someone adds a book, I don't want to present the user with a combo box with 5000 authors as entries. I also don't want the user having to memorize the AuthorID and ask him or her to enter that number. What I want is to add a link 'add book for this author' to the author page. When the user clicks that link, it should get a form with all columns except for AuthorID, because we already know that.

Is this a bug that should be fixed, or am I missing something?
GT staff, can I work around this, by selecting another column and changing the value of dbsql_relationships.fk to the correct column name?

Thanks, Jasper