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XML? How does it work

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XML? How does it work
How does the XML work?

I looked several sites, and would like to know how I can use it to add functionality on my database.
ie when I install plugin, all searches are transferred to XML, now what?

Could I import the info for Access? How?

Little (or lots of it Cool) info is appreciated to get me started.

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Re: [Suomi] XML? How does it work In reply to
You may want to share your databases to other web sites ...i.e. adding a news feed service and other sites can create a transform to display your searches on their sites ....etc....

For more information, you might take a look at the link below:



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jean: Apr 8, 2002, 11:44 AM
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Re: [jean] XML? How does it work In reply to
Wow, this is all new stuff, that I have missed.
I was able to get it to work.
Now what do I do with this?

I can save the page with save as whatever.xml feature from the browser, and then import the file to access database for example, and it works fine. (I dont seem to get the idea of this... so cumbersome)

is there a way to feed it directly to users database?

Are there links available, so I can see if this feature would be useful? (Ie someones demo or something)

Still little confused with this, ThxAngelic
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Re: [Suomi] XML? How does it work In reply to
There is RSS plugin for Linksql on this forum. Try to search and see more about this thing.

I am not a xml export but I think this is a new tech for creating more job for programmer :) and thinking of two thing below

1) Exchange data from server to server

2) Programmer and designer can work independently



Programming and creating plugins and templates

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tandat: Apr 9, 2002, 9:56 PM