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Upgrade to MYSQL 2

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Upgrade to MYSQL 2
I am about to upgrade to DBMan SQL. I would however like to make the jump to the new version 2 if possible.

Has anyone any idea when the product will be completed? Will there be any disadvantages/problems to upgrading to the current version and then to Ver. 2 both from a cost and/or functionality point of view?

I also need to ask; Has there been any work done on phrase searching in the SQL versions? I have been tracking the dbman keyword entries and it seems less than 10% of users use a single word.

Thanks in advance

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You mean DBMAN SQL 2.0, right?? hehe!

I believe that Alex mentioned in a previous post in this forum that they were working on more robust search options...but you should contact GT directly via their contact form.


Eliot Lee