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Unrecognized char ???

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Unrecognized char ???

i've setup my database by using mysqlman and configured db.cfg and html.pl. But when i try to reach my database i get

Error Message : Error loading required libraries.
Check that they exist, permissions are set correctly and that they compile.
Reason: Unrecognized character \366 at ./html.pl line 147.

line 147 is in my html part(my site!!!).i'm using userfriendly_html.pl and my site is nonenglish(Turkish). i have to use nonenglish chars in my html however i've no nonenglishcharacter in my field definitions. So does it mean ANYWHERE in my html.pl i shouldn't use nonenglish characters?

second question is can i use something like that
defining $menu= "/home/public_html/menu.txt"
in the html.pl and including my menu bar by adding a line like print qq|<table><tr><td colspan="2">$menu</td></tr></table>

Best Regards

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Re: Unrecognized char ??? In reply to
You need to localize all the variables with my before them.

Like my $menu = "/home/public_html/menu.txt";.

Yet with the codes you've provided, there is no method opening the text file. So, you will have to edit the codes to call a sub that opens the text file and prints the data from it.


Eliot Lee
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Re: Unrecognized char ??? In reply to
Thanks Elliot.

i've solved my problem after searching the forum.this is my solution: i've added this code to my html.pl

if (!$menu) {
open (FILE, "/home/cgi-bin/test/menu.txt") or die "Can't open header file: $!";
$menu = join ("", <FILE> );
close FILE;

and add anywhere in my html print qq| $menu
it works fine.So i would be happy if i haven't another problem with price range mod. i will post it separately

Best Regards