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Time to Panic!

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Time to Panic!
A little while ago I purchased a plugin from Gossamer Threads for (US$350) for the following function:

Search Form > Search Results > Advert 1 > Extra page1 > Extra Page 2 > etc

What I need to offer my operators is different designed Advert pages depending on the type of their business. So the path should also include:

Search Form > Search Results > Advert 2 > Extra page1 > Extra Page 2 > etc

What I have done to fix this is created <%Advert%> in the links. I then updated the operator in modify form by specifying which advert it should go to by the number of template. You can see this further in template 8.html. Code is below:

<%if use_cookie%> <a href="db.cgi?db=<%db%>&amp;do=search_results<%if opt_url%>&amp;opt_url=<%opt_url%><%endif%>&amp;ListID=<%ListID%>&amp;dp=<%Advert%>"><%Name%></a></b></font> <%else%> <a href="db.cgi?sid=<%session_id%>&amp;db=<%db%>&amp;do=search_results<%if opt_url%>&amp;opt_url=<%opt_url%><%endif%>&amp;ListID=<%ListID%>&amp;dp=<%Advert%>"><%Name%></a> <%endif%>

So from above, everything is fine and your plugin lets me do this without any problems. The problem arises when you go to the other search forms that has a different design.

You see each of my search form is a clone of each other. Only logo, small text and links are different. So when I specify in the modify form the template the operator goes to it only works for one set of logos and links.

At this very late stage of this job I am starting to panic!

Is there a plugin that I can use so that I can preselect the design template it should be displayed for each of my search forms?