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Splitting a table into 2 tables...

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Splitting a table into 2 tables...
Hey everyone...I'd like to know if anyone can help or suggest what would be the easiest way to do the following:

I'm using DBManSQL and I have a table called guestbook that has 45,700 records and is about 11MB. There are 21 fields...2 of which are taking up 50% of the table size! I'd like to split the table into 2 tables...19 fields in one and the other 2 (plus a relational field) in the new table. I know how to accomplish the split, but how do I get DBManSQL to search on the correct table, and then pull all the fields for the record from both tables?

Basically my goal is to speed up searches by cutting the file size in half. Seems with DBManSQL, when more than one query is sent to MySQL, it slows down...if more than 3 queries are sent at the same time, it just seems to take a minute or more to return the results! I have 11 of the 21 fields indexed for speed! I optimize and sort the table with isamchk every 2-3 days! Nothing seems to help!

Any help or suggestions on splitting the tables would be appreciated.

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Hi AJ,

Cutting the file size is the good idea. By this way you must hard code in the db.cgi file at the query sub. Indexing too many fields may cause your database lowly when a record is inserted. Therefore, your search results are lately responded.



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