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So many questions. Need experts helps

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So many questions. Need experts helps

Hello I installing mysql version, and run into some small problems. Maybe someone could advise me. I really appreciate all the helps.

Let starts:
1. Searching.
There is no message appears when there is 0 results. But when I didn't put any text on the keyword, then the error message appears: no search terms specified. Please fix any errors and submit the record again.

2. Modifying
I did change the:
# Set the userid to the logged in user.
# ($auth_user_field >= 0) and ($in{$db_cols[$auth_user_field]} = $db_userid);
($auth_user_field >= 0) and ($in{$auth_user_field} = $db_userid);
both in sub add_record and sub modify_record
but still cannot do the modifying.
When I put what JPD said:
print qq|--$db_key--<BR>--$in{$db_key}--|;
it shows --0-- and ----

3. Displaying 1 category. I am stuck with it, but I got a new idea by using 3 different html.pl. My question is that, is it possible to use 3 or more html.pl & cfg for mysql version?
And how to display only certain category on each html.pl?
For example, I am running a buying and selling database,

- html-1.pl is to show only Offers to Buy with different layout and colors.
- html-2.pl which only shows Offers to Sell section.
- html-3.pl will show all the sections.

I did try using 1 html.pl and sending the url as &Offers=Offers to Buy, it works! but, my little IF codes prevent this to happend:
... in sub html_record {... I used long/shot format mod

if ($rec{'Offers'} eq "Offers to Buy") {
print "<img src=\"$domain/images/db/buy.gif\" width=\"80\" height=\"29\" alt=\"Buy\">";
elsif ($rec{'Offers'} eq "Offers to Sell") {
print "<img src=\"$domain/images/db/sell.gif\" width=\"80\" height=\"29\" alt=\"Sell\">";
else {
print "duh!";
Then it appears only duh! only.

Please advise.

With big thanks.
best regards