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I recently installed dbman-sql 1. Visiting this forum, I noticed that there is not much activity in it, and that only seldom questions are answered. Combined with a non-existing documentation for version 1, this makes it very difficult to upgrade sites from dbman to dbman-sql 1.

After a lot of struggling, I managed to have the database run with dbman-sql 1. I use the old html.pl file, and all functions seem to work fine but the SEARCH. I try to create a form that will search all the fields (including the indexed textarea fields), but cannot. Searching for each field seems to work.

Also, I imported the old database (2300 records - about 4 MB) using the import function of phpMyAdmin. Is there a way to run an 'indexing' function on the table so that the table-ndx tables will be populated?

I really need to have this db running. Any help? Gossamer Threads?