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Running DBManSQL offline?

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Running DBManSQL offline?
Can someone give detailed instructions on what is needed to set DBManSQL up on a local machine for building and testing a database offline?

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Re: [donm] Running DBManSQL offline? In reply to
Are you wishing to just run this on a local machine?

If it's a windows machine, all you need to do is install IIS through windows, install a SQL server product (MSSQL works fine), and install perl locally and point the scripts to your local perl folder. Do you need more detailed instructions?
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Re: [donm] Running DBManSQL offline? In reply to
Simply install
  • Apache v2.x for Windows
  • MySQL v4.x for Windows

    I use this combination on Windows XP, to check offline my developments.
    Same is possible under Linux.

    Note, if you want to avoid public share of your offline website, then set your Firewall, to deny to connect port 80 (WEB), 3306 (MySQL) from the net.

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