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Relational - Real State

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Relational - Real State

Im new to DBMAN SQL

I use dbman as a real state manager, I was capable of doing relational databases where one is for the agents and another for the homes

Now I want to do something like that

Table Agents*

- Description
- Phone
- Address (etc)

Table Houses

- Reference
- Address
- Value
- TIPE* (1,2,3,4,5,6...)

- bedroom
- bathroom
- etc

table_Tipe2 (apartment)*
- Floor
- Parking
- etc

table_Tipe3 (farm)*
- Square foot
- Trees
- Animals
- etc

Basically is that if you can understand

Now, how do I make this relation works? and how could the agents add those houses and just after add the respective description (tipe)? and for deleting?

The search will only works in the common table houses and the detailed view should get the respective house tipe

Any sugestions?