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Re: How to create more than 1 table

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I have a question regarding creating more than 1 table, is it possible? (Iam newbie to mySQL thing) please help:
Yes it is possible, in fact it is preferable, certainly in your example.

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Right now I have, let say, 3 flat texts database that I use.
You would create a table for each of your "flat-text" files.

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Now, can I make them in one table mysql?
You can, but I would heartily recommend against it.

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I assume that when I do the setup for fields, I have to include all the name fields above on the cfg files, am I correct?
Yes...although database schema and design is beyond the scope of this reply at the moment (I'm running late for an appointment)...If no one has jumped in to assist further I can elaborate when I return - sorry :(

The simplest way for you to get started and get your feet wet so to speak is use the nph-setup.cgi file and your 3 different cfg files (make sure you check the format of the included cfg file with dbSQL - there is an added field for "Is field indexed"). Run nph-setup.cgi 3 times - before each time editing within nph-setup.cgi the hard-coded cfg file name to match each of your cfg file names. Look on line 55 of nph-setup.cgi.

2 most important things to do for now to get you started :

1. Make sure your cfg files match the format of the included db.cfg noting the extra field definition as mentioned above.
2. Edit nph-setup.cgi before each time you run it to reflect the cfg file name you are going to create a table for.

Hope that gets you started.

easy does it
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