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File Upload

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File Upload

I am having problems with the file upload feature of DBManSQL 2.1.0.

When I add a file, everything is ok and my record html displays the file name only (e.g filename.gif) but when I try to modify the file my record.html displays the location where the file came from (e.g my computer directory) - E:\My Documents\Websites\database\images\default\filename.gif

When I modify another field (non file field) on the same form and leave the file field the same (blank) my record.html displays my server directory path (e.g the storage location) - /path/path/mydomain/database/images/directory/filename.gif

I know that a similar problem was discussed in thread -http://gossamer-threads.com/...ile%20upload;#224806

and that a new File.pm was made available by GT but I tried that solution and it doesn't work.

My form.html contains -

<input type="file" name="fieldname" size="40" maxlength="255">

And my record.html contains -

File Name: <%fieldname%> <a href="db.cgi?<%ifnot use_cookie%>sid=<%session_id%>&<%endif%>src=db&cn=fieldname&do=view_file&id=<%primarykey%>&db=<%db%>&fname=<%fieldname%>"> View</a>

NOTE: The database entries are correct in all situations (Add, Modify, View, etc.) with the filename only being entered into the filename field. The view_file link is also working correctly.

Has anyone else had this problem or can someone provide a solution??

Thank you.

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Re: [jai] File Upload In reply to
I have the same problem. It may be two-fold, it may be 2 manifestations of the same problem. When I modify a record and in doing so add another file to the record, the file is never uploaded. Instead, it simply adds the path on my local PC to the record.

Any fixes for this?

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Re: [davidbessler] File Upload In reply to
Can you send me the access info to your site via email? I will a look at it.



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