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Image resize

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Image resize

There´s a way to reduce image size in the upload process or after that?

We see that the big difficult of our clients is to resize their digital fotos from their cam to the size of 320x240

I see a lot of scripts in php that do that using ImageMagik somebody know a way to merge or integrate that?

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Re: [assombracao] Image resize In reply to

an auto thumbnail gallery would be great, how to do that with gd?

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Re: [assombracao] Image resize In reply to
Hello Folks

I´ve found a great script to resize images on the fly

I´ve instaled it in my server, but i need to know how to pull from the table the real location of the file

like http://www.imoveis.guaru.net/fotos/0/100-46.jpg

as it seens not to work with files like <img src="db.cgi?cn=foto_1&do=view_file&db=imoveis&id=129" width="320">

the script in action

http://www.imoveis.guaru.net/...=/fotos/0/100-46.jpg (22k file)

http://www.imoveis.guaru.net/...46.jpg&width=100 (4.3k file)

I will do a combo with

Or if anyone has a good idea on how to make a photo gallery with the pictures and thumbs using dbman sql I would be very gratefull