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Photo Upload

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Photo Upload
Someone can explain me how i can add an image to records?????, I've viewed the demo on GT, the home templates have a foto for record.
Help Me !!!!!

Thanks in Advance
Bye From Italy
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Re: [fabio] Photo Upload In reply to

dbman sql 2.0 in the current release does obviosly have problems with file uploading. I've had just an email confirmation of alex, that the team is working on a new release adressing this issue.

If you can't wait, you might look some postings below. There is a "quick and dirty" mod described.

See here: http://www.gossamer-threads.com/...orum_view_collapsed;

However, unless it takes weeks, i would rather wait.
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Re: [ktt] Photo Upload In reply to
I was able to successfully install the single-file upload mod in DB SQL 1.02. I find that it works well, however I haven't figured out how to have it delete the associated image when a record is deleted. When I ind the solution, I'll post it. until then, try the mod at: