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Permissions Problem.

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Permissions Problem.
auth_no_authentication: YES
auth_allow_default: VIEW (only)
auth_signup: NO
auth_signup_permission (NONE CHECKED)
auth_modify_own: YES
auth_view_own: YES
auth_user_field: USER (Field in database for users)
auth_logoff: back to login URL.

I have set up the following permissions for DBManSQL, now the problem is I have 5 users adding records to database and this database is open for public view. When guest arrives they can view the records with 2 links at the bottom (Search & ListAll), no problems here.

But when our 5 users with permissions of add, view and modify and delete in the Sample_Users table login to the table, even after login they can see only (search & ListAll) like guests, instead of add, modify & delete etc as per their permissions.

Any solutions to this problem, like a few users can add,modify & delete records though the datbase is viewable publicly?