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I have recently installed an SQL database on my virtual Linux server. I am going to use DBMan to enter/edit the database. For a client for whom I'm setting up this database I am trying to find out how I can update this database without having to be on-line. Maybe there is a program, a way, which makes it possible to update the SQL database off-line, and upload the updated files (?) to the webserver?
Is this possible?

Thanks a lot for your time,


Gil Marim

Thanks a lot!
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Re: Offilne In reply to
1) Install a Web Server (like Apache for Win32 or Ximati)
2) Install Perl - ActiveState (most recent version)
3) Install DBI
4) Install MySQL
5) Configure all the above packages

You are set to go.

By the way, this has been discussed quite a few times in these forums....search for off-line editing.


Eliot Lee