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Newbie: Need help with my first table

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Newbie: Need help with my first table

I just got a copy of DBmanSQL and need some help.

Can I make the database on my home computer (Windows XP) and then move it to my webhost (Linux)?

Some questions about the Editor - Create new Table.
What is the difference between Text, Char and VarChar and when do I use them?

Then the table

Do I make a Signup table or does the DBmanSQL make it for me? What do I need (name, fields...)?
Is Signup a part of the table I lined up further down here?
I want the visitor to go directly to the table below here. If they don't I want the signup to be deleted. How do I do this?

This is some notes I made about the table:

Tablename: Member (Visible to member and Admin only)
UserID Keyfield, Username, Text
FirstName Text
LastName Text
Email Text (must be unique)

Address1 Text
Address2 Text
Address3 Text
HomeTelephone Text
Club role Select: Member, Styreleder, Kasserer, Sekretær, Colombiakoffert, Salgsgruppa, Webmaster, Webeditor
Payments Textarea
CreateDate Member from date. European date (dd.mm.yyyy). Autocreate

EditDate New date when edited. European date (dd.mm.yyyy). Autocreate
Changelog Textarea. Admins log. Visible to Admin only
Validated Radio: No, Yes. Visible to Admin only. (Not shure If I should use this...)

JP Wiese

Jan Peter