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New Install

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New Install
I purchased DBMansql and want to use an existing mysql-db.

Iīm not sure how to make it, so let me explain.

I use merchantorderform shopping-card. The cart stores the data in a mysql-db.
I want to use the database twice, shopping-card just stores the date and dbman view and manipulate the data.

I did not overwrite the db while installing dbman, but probably I must need to make it, am I right?

Can I change the db using the overwrite function of DBMan, and does the shopping-card still run with the db, after that? The existing tables of the db will not be changed, isnīt it?

To understand it right. Does dbman just add the dbman-tables to the db, or does it overwritethe existing tables?

Thank you


Michael Skaide


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Re: [Michael Skaide] New Install In reply to
Hi Michael,

You can connect the DBMan to an existing database ( when you install it or from Admin - Setup). It should overwrite dbman's tables (Dbsql_* and Sample_*) if you chose 'overwrite' option.

Also, you can load the existing tables:
- Current database:
+ Goto Admin - Tools - Create table
+ Put the name of table which is already exist in current database, DBMan will load that table automatically.

- From another database: you can use Admin - Tools - Load Table - From an existing SQL table.



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Re: [TheStone] New Install In reply to
I just did a new install of DBMan SQL 2.03. Everything seems to be working fine, but when I try to use an existing (PostgreSQL) table as described in this thread, something goes wrong.

This is what I do:
- from the admin page, I click 'Tables' in the header navigation.
- In the 'Tools' box, I click 'Create Table'.
- I get a page where I am asked to enter a table name. I choose the name of a table that is already in the database. In this case 'affiliates'.
- I get a page called 'Create New Table affiliates' which column definitions where I expected it to recognize my existing table.

I don't know what went wrong, but it seems that DBMan can not find the existing table for some reason. What am I doing wrong?

Furthermore, when I try to create a non existing table, the table gets created, but I get the following error:

failed: Failed to execute query: 'DESCRIBE jasper_test2' Reason: ERROR: parser: parse error at or near "describe"!

The table is not listed in the list with existing tables (I only get 'Sample', 'homes' and 'image_galary'), but when I try to create a table with the same name using 'Create Table' again, I get the error 'Table jasper_test2 already exists'.
Note that PostgreSQL does not know the describe command. Am I doing something wrong or does DBMan not fully support PostgreSQL?

Thanks for your help, Jasper


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