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NULL not an empty string

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NULL not an empty string
I'm having a hard time getting an INT (that can be NULL, in MySQL) to persist as NULL. Dbsql seems to want to replace it with a "0" in modify_record.

The HTML form has this item as a text input, and when the user leaves the field blank, CGI seems to bring it in as a null string (eq '') rather than undef. I had to stick a hack in my existing modify_record pre-plugin to recognize this particular CGI variable name (diskquotaMB) and force it =undef if it's eq '' before falling through. That seems to do the trick but: Wow. I really hope there's a cleaner answer to this.

This is DBManSQL v2.1.0. (I've been developing this thing for quite some time.) Is this fixed in a later version, perhaps? Gossamer Forum rocks (I plan to buy it soon), but searching for NULL didn't turn up any clear answer this time.
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