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Multiple Pages, one pulldown.

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Multiple Pages, one pulldown.
Quick: How can I place a single select field onto a page (that looks up entries from another database) without all of the rest of the fields in the database.

Detailed: I have a user form where the user can type in a PatientID (this is a medical database) and submit it. The next screen will pull up that patients information, automatically populate some fields and then ask for additional fields that are within the database. My question: How do I display a single select list (with the PK ID within another database), so that my users won't type in the ID of a record they should not have access to because they do not own it, and without displaying all the other fields in the current database. Within DbMan I have the relationship already setup so I can display it but I only need it to create just the single pulldown field.

I can probably do this with some programming but I was wondering if there is a simple function I can do, that is closely integrated within DBMan SQL and/or already created?

Side Note: If I want to do multiple page forms I have just been using the "do" action: add_form. On each page I do a HIDDEN tag with the previous form's fields on it. Then on the last page I use "add_record". Is there a more graceful way of doing this?