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Modify form

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Modify form

I put this in the search results and it worked

<%Dbsql::Relation::HTML::generate_description('marcas_tbl', 'marCodMarca', 'marNomeMarca')%>

But doesn´t work in the modify form, and I don´t want to use,

<%Dbsql::Relation::HTML::generate_full_down('primary_table', 'related_table')%>

I only want to show the field contents, because I´m using a javascript combo box to select only some itens

Please help!

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Thread Modify form assombracao 2445 Nov 15, 2002, 9:37 AM
Post Re: [assombracao] Modify form
jaspercram 2344 Nov 15, 2002, 3:56 PM