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Make Static page from results

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Make Static page from results
I was wondering how to make a static page?

I have this detail, info, which if user wants he can make a static page for available for public view in separate directory.

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Re: [Suomi] Make Static page from results In reply to
Hi Suomi,

You may find valuable information for making a static page through the link below:



Jean(at)Gossamer Threads Inc.
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Re: [jean] Make Static page from results In reply to
Thanks, I looked those threads, and could not find solution for this :(

Basically it could be a global template, I could add.

Imagine using sample database. user signs in. user modifies his record... whenever user modifies his record I want to create modify_success.html page just as user saw in his/her browser.

I have a other .cgi script, which will handle this, but its rather lenghty, and it requires use of MySQL username and password. I now there is really simple way of accomplishing this.

Something like global template called makehtml and then use that tag in modify success page

Global template would have this in it.

Print current page as html
Copy page to this directory

(Now how would you code above thing?)