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Lost Admin Access

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Lost Admin Access

I have DBMAN SQL running without prolem for the last year or so, then two weeks ago I lost all access and keep getting error messages.

GT::Template (79478): Unable to create compiled template directory '//templates/admin/compiled'. Reason: No such file or directory at /shoots.com/cgi-bin/dbsql/admin/Dbsql/Admin.pm line 79. Please enable debugging in setup for more details.

The ConfigData.pm is showing 0kb, lost all data. Tech support gave me a couple of things but nothing, has anyone had theis or similar happen. I'm on UNIX Free BSD with MySQL.
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Re: [calderwood] Lost Admin Access In reply to
Hi calderwood

Are you talking about a DBMan SQL 2.1 installation? You might try these settings in ConfigData.pm:


'admin_root_url' => 'http://www.shoots.com/cgi-bin/dbsql/admin',
'user_sessions' => '',
'session_exp' => '3',
'build_pages_per_screen' => '15',
'db_cgi_url' => 'http://www.shoots.com/cgi-bin/dbsql',
'debug_level' => '',
'default_user_table' => '<name of your user table> or <Sample_Users>',
'path_fileman' => '/shoots.com/cgi-bin/dbsql/admin',
'default_tpl' => '<name of your default template folder>',
'command_time_out' => '10',
'db_images_url' => '',
'admin_root_path' => '/shoots.com/cgi-bin/dbsql/admin',
'default_table' => '<name of your default table> or <Sample>',
'error_message' => '',
'setup' => '1',
'reg_number' => '<your registration number>',
'db_images_path' => '/path/to/your/DBMan/images/folder',
'db_admin_email' => '<your email address>,
'db_mail_path' => '',
'allowed_space' => '100000',
'path_to_perl' => '/usr/bin/perl',
'db_smtp_server' => '/usr/sbin/sendmail', (or your provider's SMTP server)
'version' => '2.1.0',
'build_links_per_page' => '25'

I would check if other files are missing, too. Hope this helps.

Good luck,
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Re: [olivers] Lost Admin Access In reply to
Version is 2.0.3

I got a reply from someone at Gossamer about upgrading the installed dbsql using the installer from original dbsql package, but I don't have that as it was installed by Gossamer tech.
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Re: [olivers] Lost Admin Access In reply to
Digging through old backup files I just found a backup of the original files so I'll do a reinstall, see if that works.
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Re: [calderwood] Lost Admin Access In reply to
Reinstalled the program, ran setup.cgi, said done, went to a blank page. Next went to http://shoots.com/...bman/admin/admin.cgi and it took me to setup.cgi again, ran it again, still nothing. Setup a new database, reran setup.cgi, did nothing. Totally dead.
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Re: [calderwood] Lost Admin Access In reply to
Have you verified if there are still zero byte files on the server eaven after your new installation? Could be that you have a problem with disk quota... Try to upload a file via FTP and see if it has the same filesize on the server. Maybe, you could give us some more details about your configuration?

Let me know

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