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Listing of linked tables

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Listing of linked tables
As a novice with DBManSQL and Perl, I'm struggling with viewing the result of query on linked tables.
What I've done :
1. Purchased DBMan SQL 2 Smile
2. Setup on Win2k localhost with my own MySQL db
3. On admin panel set up a relation between two tables, saved it.
4. On admin panel set up a query based on relation above.
5. On admin panel the Relationships/Listings/QueryListings(myQuery)/Preview seems to work all right
6. When I try to do


the login window pops up. Entering the previously defined username and pw, I am given the message, that the login was successfull, on the bottom of the form appears
- the name of query with options Search, List all
- the name of myrelated_db with no options around
- mydb with options Search, List all Logoff

Until now, everything OK. List all for mydb brings up the record(s) owned by the user on mydb table.
Bad thing starts when try to do a List all for the query. This thing BRINGS ME UP THE LOGIN FORM AGAIN and again.. and again...Unsure

The same with db.cgi?db=mydb&q=myQuery.

Pls. help me.
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Try this: