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I'm having trouble linking between databases (tables).
When I insert a new link into the html_footer of Database1 using something like -
<A HREF="$db_script_url?db=database2&uid=$db_uid&add_form=1">Add</A>
it doesn't recognize the $db_uid value.
This seems to only be the case on the first screen after login (main menu). If I click on any of the standard links and go to the next page the database2 link is ok (e.g the $db_uid is as it should be). Why is the value not appearing on the first main page screen??
I tried using uid=$session_id and this worked on the first page but not on all of the following pages.
What I have done now is put in the following statement so there is always a value for $db_uid -
unless ($db_uid) {
$db_uid = $session_id;
Each database (table) is sharing the same db.cgi file and has seperate config and html files. They are all sharing the same user_table and session_table.
Any ideas as to why I need to set the value of $db_uid????