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Just bought ... my questions and reflections

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Just bought ... my questions and reflections
hello there,

I thought to send this as an e-mail to Jack and Alex only but then thought others might have feedback on this as well.

Reading the manual and working my way through DBman SQL and thought I should write down things I think should be improved on as I go. There are some small language issues in here that don't sound too good when they add up together, guess you already do some language checks but thought I could help you.

- User Manager: I believe it is Newsletter and not News letter (ie one word)
- When trying to view the log for a table that has no log assigned it reads eg:
"OrderDetails table not exist Log Browse."
- Using Load Table to import an existing DBman dbase, using a table name which already exists:
"Table ICBL_Contacts have been exists."
- Something weird happening when importing from existing dbman dbase. Either it selected a log table as user table or the other way around

hm... finished the manual now and I got a bit worried that it might not have all the things I thought it had. But that's my fault for not checking properly before, guess I only remembered when it was launched and thought a more solid version of DBMAN would be great. Then now I noticed that not so much has happened to the script in terms of plugins and modules since then. At least nothing comparable to what is available with the DBMan script. 0 plugins/modifications wasn't all that impressive...

I guess some of the things I was thinking was there are in other GT scripts (and might be portable) and also some of it were things that I cannot expect to have included. As always here are things I will have to sit down and configure myself...

Certainly I should start working with it a bit before I say that I'm not happy with it. And certainly - I am not blaming it on you. Though would be great to have these questions answered:

- How can I easily configure a completely separate database as it says in the overview? Ie I want one of my users to have total control (admin access) of a database with several tables, but not give access to other tables in the same MYSQL database.
- When loading from an existing DBMAN table - should I expect it to do anything with the HTML templates? I ran into a couple of problems so it never finished loading for me :-(

- has anyone out there done something like a spamprotection mod? ie to not show e-mail addresses but to give visitors that have not signed in a form (where the e-mail is nowwhere shown, neither hidden) in order to e-mail people from the records. I'm desperately trying to block those spammers and even if spamfilter will help me it won't for many of the people I'd be listing.

- any who have setup validation of new user sign-ups?

If I have no answers to these when I start needing them I'll start asking them as separate questions. Just thought for now since there were a couple to put them in together.

thanks all and hope this script will get some attention out there... though I fear that going for a non-free script was a bad idea in terms of hoping to see user mods...

Kjell Knudsen
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