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Is this possible...?

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Is this possible...?
I am using DBManSQL and would like to try to set up an html page/form, which will add more than one record at a time. Basically, instead of the user filling out the form the first time, then adding one record, then going back to the add form again, then adding that record, I would like to set up a page with maybe ten form fields (I guess horizontally or something), each representing a record. What the user fills in gets added.

Any ideas ...?

PS. Eliot, if you read this, I know you're the javascript expert. I was thinking I would need to add a couple hidden fields to this form, one for each row/set of records. I would set the value of the hidden fields to null and then use javascript to change the value if the other fields in the row/record are filled in. Then add_record could read the values of the hidden fields. Alternately, I could not make them hidden, and just have them as check boxes beside each record that the user would check to confirm that the record is added. Those are the thoughts (perhaps primitive, but logical I hope) that I've had so far, however the code for add_record to achieve this is what I've not been able to come up with.

DBManSQL experts, help .......?

PPS. I also took a look at this post which really didn't help me much ..... http://www.gossamer-threads.com/perl/forum/showthreaded.pl?Cat=&Board=DBCust&Number=7670&page=&view=&sb=&vc=1#Post7670

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Re: [web dog] Is this possible...? In reply to
I do not know what u mean.... can u explain!

i think u want to make a from using DBmanSQl?

well just create the database and tables that will content the data, then in DBMANSQL templates edit the add_form and change the input fields to the way your form need to look using the same column names of the table you create for the form.


<column_name1> ....

<column_name2> ....


does it help?... tell me
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Re: [web dog] Is this possible...? In reply to

DBMan SQL2 supports adding/modifing multiple records. The url below will display a multiple add form:


Hope that helps.